Festival Center

The Festival Center is located at:
Barzan St., Panorama Azadi Park
42001 Duhok, KRG- Iraq  


You can contact us at the following telephone number and e-mail address:


Tel: +964 62 764 9838



Getting There & Around



Since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, Duhok is one of the few places that remains safe for foreign visitors. As a foreigner, you can walk and talk the streets safely, although it is possible the police or military may question you and ask for identification. Unlike other countries, this isn't a scam and they don't want money. Given the violence in the rest of the country, all non-Kurds can be checked. Don't take it personally. The stares are from the past; the people of Duhok are well used to foreigners, and welcome them with a warm heart.


Getting there?

Few roads lead to Duhok, but it’s not so difficult to get there neither.
Since Duhok has no airport you have to fly to Erbil first and then take a taxi that takes you to Duhok. The drive to Duhok is less than 3 hours.
Regular taxis go when full and cost 50 USD for a taxi with 4 people.

Remember that soldiers are stationed every few km on most roads, and every village, town, and city has checkpoints going in and out. As a foreigner, you almost certainly will be questioned, but given the trouble in the rest of Iraq, this is a routine yet very necessary precaution.


How to get around in Duhok?

Taxis within Duhok should cost around 3000 IQD (approx. 2.5 USD). Public transportation can be found on and off the main street, at the bus station, and nearby taxi stands. Buses stop in front of hotel "Baghdad", downtown of Duhok (Bazar).


Eat & Sleep

There are tens of small restaurants in the bazaar area. Restaurants in the Bazar are popular among the local population and charges around 6000 IQD for a dinner. Also, there are restaurants around the beautiful waterfalls and Duhok Dam. Especially on weekends, they are often packed with tourists coming from Baghdad or other cities from south of Iraq. A dinner there costs approximately 12000 IQD.

Aside from the big Jiyan Hotel (see About Duhok) many hotels are located on the two main streets that run through Duhok. Prices vary from 24000 up to 72000 IQD for a triple room.


Attractions & Landmarks around the city

Being an ancient city, Duhok province has several ancient and historical places, apart from entertaining sites and things to do.

“Lalish”, a small mountain valley village situated in the Shekhan District of Duhok Governorate, around one-hour drive away which contains the holiest temple in the Ezidi faith. Situated nearby to “Lalish”, there is “Khenis”, the ancient Assyrian carvings and caves that date from 700 B.C.

Also “Amedi”, a very special and one of the most beautiful towns in Kurdistan. The town which is a very popular summer resort and hill station, perched on a mountain, formerly only accessible by a narrow stairway cut into the rock. Amadiya has a well-integrated community of Christians, Jews and Muslim Kurds who share the city and local social events.

“Delal Bridge”, “Khabir River” and “Qubad Pasha”, are famous landmarks in Zakho city (located few kilometers from Duhok and the Turkish borders).

Located in Duhok city, one of the most popular attractions is the “Charstin Cave” and “Duhok Dam”, also the top of “Zawa Mountain” is the place to be to see a panoramic view of Duhok city.


How to get to the festival cinemas?

Shuttle buses will be departing every 30 minutes from each of the three cinema locations and drive in the direction of the next cinema site.  

The cinemas are located at:


Congress Hall

Govar Road, Qr. Zanko  
KB 1048 Duhok. KRG - Iraq


Mazi Plus Mall - Cinemax 

Qazi Mohammed Road., Qr. Mazi  
AA 1006 Duhok. KRG - Iraq