Within the framework of the 5th Duhok International Film Festival and in collaboration with Goethe Institut-Irak, we are launching Nuhat, the annual support program for the Kurdish cinema industry. Nuhat is a program for young professional filmmakers who are seeking more knowledge in their fields. Planned as a long-term project of Duhok IFF, Nuhat will kick off its first edition with two workshops “Script Center” and “Write & Pitch”. The workshops will be conducted by a select group of professional trainers and talents from the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

As a new and unique concept, Nuhat will bring new dimensions to the Kurdish film industry, giving the chance to local young filmmakers to develop and sharpen their existing skills as well as cultivating their network and presence by utilizing Duhok IFF as a platform.
The program aims to provide young Kurdish talents a chance to learn and develop skills by providing them with a professional mentoring program, which includes the creation of a space to meet and discover the main industry leaders, as well as other young talents. It ultimately facilitates the process through which their ideas can be converted into tangible projects. The program also gives the participants the opportunity to maintain their development through follow-up sessions (via Skype) with their trainers.

With the launching of this one of a kind program in 2017 in Kurdistan region, Duhok IFF promises to expand the range of program activities and to provide opportunities for a more diverse pool of applicants for the next edition of Nuhat in 2018.


Why Nuhat?

With a majority of Kurds living in oppressed parts of Kurdistan or as diaspora, our culture and arts must be protected and maintained through their continual development and production. Considering the fact that Kurdistan in not a country, there is a need to retain and promote the Kurdish culture and arts, the two things that make us truly who we are. Bridging our future generations to our past and the promotion of our culture and stories worldwide must be done through reviving the industry of Kurdish cinema. Supporting new projects and the new generations to take lead in the future and widening the choice of Kurdish films shown to the audience can assist in achieving this goal. Hence, the Duhok International Film Festival is launching Nuhat as the annual support program for the Kurdish cinema industry. The program aims to be a regional hub for meetings and trainings of aspiring film professionals and emerging film creatives.


Who are our trainers?

The trainers of Nuhat program are increasingly renowned professional artists with high profiles and solid academic backgrounds.


Who can apply?

  • Film professionals residing in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.
  • Film professionals in the fields of directing, screenwriting, producing and film distribution.
  • Must be able to communicate in English fluently.
  • Must have worked previously on at least a short film or a feature length film (fiction or documentary)
  • Alternatively, TV directors, screenwriters or producers can apply if they have worked on a series/program or documentary broadcasted on a TV channel, or digitally distributed with more than 5,000 viewers online.
  • Distributers or sales agents who have been involved in the distribution or sales of Kurdish films before.


What are you applying for?

  • Script Center: Offers a practical approach and guidance, enabling the participants to refine their craft and imagination in storytelling. This workshop will consist of lectures on screenwriting as well as group meetings around the participants’ own projects. The goals of Script Center are to open space for constructive discussions on projects and encourage their further developments. At the end of the workshop, two projects will be selected to receive follow-up support sessions (via Skype) for a period of six months.
  • Write & Pitch: This workshop supports emerging producers in getting ready for the market place. Under the guidance of a professional pitching trainer, participants will get the opportunity to analyze their project ideas thoroughly as well as packaging them in written and oral presentations. At the end of the program, the participants will present their projects in a public pitch to the trainer, industry professionals from the Duhok Cinema Department, and their colleagues from Nuhat.


How can you apply?

Interested applicants must complete and submit the online application with all required materials, which consist of the following:

  • An updated CV
  • A treatment of the project you want to develop. (Maximum 5 pages)
  • Concept note of your motivation to write this story and to take part in the workshop (1 page).
  • A film reel or other video samples that you have previously worked in.


Click here to apply


Questions? Contact the Nuhat Office at or +964(0)627649838 for more information.



Note: Information currently given are subject to change for the next edition, since they refer to the Nuhat 2017 program.