Letter to the King, is a Kurdish film form director Hisham Zaman. The film has participated in numerous international film festivals overseas and received several awards.


Hisham Zaman, is born in Kerkuk, Southern Kurdistan, and was graduated at the Norwegian National Film School in Lillehammer. He migrated to Norway when he was 17-years, and within a glimpse of time he became one of most known directors in Norway. Arguably his breakthrough film, Bawke (2005), become a hit on the national and international film festival circuit and has received more than 40 national and international awards. The film was also invited to Sundance film festival, and through that film he began leaving his fingerprint in Norwegian and Kurdish cinema.


Zaman’s Before Snowfall was the opening film of Duhok IFF’s second edition in 2013 which gained three different awards in that edition. Before Snowfall was the most award winning Norwegian film in 2013, including best cinematography at Robert De Niros Tribeca film festival.




Zaman is the only director who won the Dragon award from Gothenburg Film Festival two consecutive times in row for the films Before Snowfall and Letter to the King. In this year’s edition of Duhok IFF, Zaman’s most recent feature film which is a Norwegian production is in competition with a number of Kurdish films, and it is nominated for six different awards.




Letter to the King portrays the story of five peoples meeting in Norway outside the refugee camp. They are given permission to leave the snowy no mans land and travel to Oslo, a welcome change in an otherwise monotonous life. But we soon realize that all of them have a purpose with this trip. All five will be confronted by their destinies as they discover happiness, suffer humiliation, find love and seek revenge. The five stories are bound together by a letter, written by eighty-three year old Mirza. Mirza wants to personally hand the letter to the King of Norway. Zaman and his actor Nazmi Kirik will be attending the 3rd edition of Duhok iFF which finds place from 9-17 Sept. of 2015.