Roberta Evangelista is an Italian born Graphic Designer now based as a freelancer in Berlin. After studying graphic and web design in Rome, she has worked in Italy, Spain and Germany with agencies, businesses and individuals. The distinctive feature of her approach to Design is the constant attempt to deliver a product/creation melting together Digital, Video, Vector, Photography, Illustrations. 

Social Psychology and Photography's studies have a deep influence on her works as well, because of their focus on Communication and non-verbal language.
















Regarding the new Poster of Duhok third International Film Festival, Roberta says 


The object around which encloses the core concept of this year is the Nazar, a symbol that encloses many meanings; the eye of god, luck, tradition and cultural identity. The evil eye symbolises the human eye, the window that opens the world and as such, it is the starting point of good and bad thoughts. Inserted inside the poster, it melts with the logo, creating a silhouette of the grape leaf, - a very special symbol of Kurdistan. The poster evokes dynamism of all the elements and the movement commemorates birth, life, growth, hope and courage. 


Encasing this frame of symbols, we have included some elements that reflect film, such as a film roll and the number 3.