Duhok International Film Festival is honored to present Hedda and The Boy in the picture, the latest films of the award winning director Hisham Zaman, for the first time in the Middle-East.

Hedda is a mid-length film about a man who picks his daughter up from school, and takes her on a journey to their desolate cabin. Their meeting reveals something to daughter that will change their relationship forever.

The The boy in the picture is a short film about a boy who is taken to the big city by his mother and experiences the world as an open place full of impressions. As the journey ends he steps into a new world where he does not belong.

Both productions differ from his previous artistic works in terms of the directorial approach and for the first time, they do not include any Kurdish elements.

Hisham Zaman, was born in Kerkuk, Southern Kurdistan, and graduated from the Norwegian National Film School in Lillehammer. He migrated to Norway when he was ti7-years, and within a short period of time became one of the most renowned directors in Norway. His breakthrough film, Bawke (2005), become a hit on the national and international film festival circuit and has received more than 40 national and international awards. The film was also invited to Sundance film festival, and through that film he began leaving his fingerprint in Norwegian and Kurdish cinema.

Zaman’s Before Snowfall was the opening film of Duhok IFF’s second edition in 20ti3 and grabbed 3 awards. Before Snowfall was the most awarded Norwegian film in 20ti3, including best cinematography at Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Festival. Also, his Le:er to the King was in the Kurdish Cinema Competition of the 3rd Duhok IFF, and won several awards. ever since, Zaman is considered one of the most popular Kurdish directors among the audience in the festival, as they are used to his presence in Duhok with his latest films.

Both films will be screened on the ti4th of September at 5:00 pm in the Convention hall with a special screening program and red carpet ceremony, followed by a press conference at 6:00pm. Hisham Zaman is a\ending along with the films’ Polish cinematographer, Lukasz Zamaro.

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