The final film selections and jury members for the documentaries section were announced during the press conference on Sunday 20th August. This is the edition where the documentaries section has its very own jury.  


The Kurdish documentary selections include the world premiere of Hakar Abdulqader’s “Separation”, winner of the Venice final cut award as well as the Middle East premiere of Dil Leyla by Asli Ozarslan. In total there are six films selected for the Kurdish documentaries section all competing for one award – Golden leaf for the best Kurdish Documentary Film. 


While the world documentaries section includes six films as well, all competing for one award - Golden Leaf for Best World Documentary Film.  


The Jury president is the award winning Georgian journalist, actress and film director Nino Kirtadze. Her films have won international acclaim and numerous prestigious awards at festivals worldwide, including World Cinema Best Director Prize at Sundance for her Durakovo-Village of Fools (2008) and European Film Academy Best documentary Prize for Pipeline Next Door (2005).


The jury members are Mano Khalil, the Kurdish director and producer currently residing in Switzerland and Thomas Kößler currently directing the liaison office of the Goethe-Institut, the official German cultural institute, at Erbil. 


World Documentaries Film selections: 

  1. The Art of Moving by  Liliana Marinho de Sousa - Germany/ 2016/ 89 min
  2. Mama Colonel by Dieudo Hamadi - France, Congo (DCR)/ 2017 / 72 min
  3. Nokas by Manuel Alberto Maia - Indonesia/ 2016/ 76 min
  4. Ama-San by Cláudia Varejão - Portugal, Japan, Switzerland/ 2016/ 112 min
  5. Confrontation by Nejla Demirci - Turkey/ 2017/ 63 min
  6. Waiting for the Sun by Kaspar Astrup Schrøder - Denmark/ 2017/ 90 min
  7. End of Eden by Angus Macqueen - UK/ 2016/ 83 min


Kurdish Documentaries Film Selections: 

  1. Separation by Hakar Abdulqader - Kurdistan/ 2017/ 69 min
  2. Brothers of Silence by Taylan Mintaş - Turkey/ 2017/ 86 min
  3. Radio Kobani by Reber Dosky - Netherlands/ 2016/ 69 min
  4. Dil Leyla by Asli Ozarslan - Germany/ 2016/ 71 min
  5. Resistance is Life by Apo W. Bazidi - Turkey, USA/ 2017/ 73 min
  6. The Red Green by Ersin Kana - Turkey/ 2016/ 74 min