Original Title: X°°
Production Company:  Cinema Department Salahaddin University
Production Year: 2013
Director: Mohammed Shaikhow
Script: Mohammed Shaikhow
Cinematography:  Ahmad Ward
Editor:  James Abdallahed
Producer: Mohammed Shaikhow
Running Time: 6min
Country: Kurdistan
Language: no dialogue
Main Cast: Ayten Kara, Karwan Latif, Jihan Taha, Mohammed Sherwani

The film is about the possibility of consistent behaviour of humanity, no matter how it differs culturally and socially. It captures it through the betrayal of grooms to each other, but the event raises many possibilities, and as result it shows the relation between coincidences and events.
Director’s Biography
Shaikhow, born in Syria in 1988, graduated in Directing at the Salahaddin University in 2013. He directed many short films and commercials, is the production manager of two production companies and also works as DoP.
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