Original Title: Spi u rash
Production Company: Directorate of Cinema Slemani
Production Year: 2012
Director: Dana Karim
Script: Dana Karim
Cinematography: Karoukh Taha
Editor: Ahmad Mahmood, Nirwan Taha
Music Composer: Kawan Mahmood
Running Time:  9min
Country:  Iraq
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Aso Swara, Milano Fuad

White and Black is a struggle between innocence and aggressiveness, between purity and dirtiness in life. Finally innocence becomes stronger and wiser than aggressiveness.
Director’s Biography
Kari, born in 1973, graduated from the theater department at the Institute of Fine Arts and the university of Slemani in English Language and Literature. He works as an actor, director and scriptwriter and at the Directorate of Film in Slemani.
2012 White and Black
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