Original Title: Kicha Kurda
Production Company: Directorate of Cinema Arts – Duhok
Production Year: 2013
Director: Viyan Mayi
Script: Viyan Mayi
Cinematography: Bina Qeredaxi
Editor: Bina Qeredaxi
Music Composer: Zaid Obscure
Producer: Suzan Sharafani
Running Time: 5min
Country: KRG
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Ceylan Ozek

In my country girls are victimised, so that honour can be preserved. They run away to avoid being killed by their fathers and brothers, who would definitely end their lives in order to clean and restore their honour and to avoid being on the lips of everyone.
Director’s Biography 
Born in 1960 in southern Kurdistan. Studied Media, Filmmaking, Leadership and Principles of Democracy in Sweden. In 2007 she established the Directorate of Cinema Arts in Duhok city.
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