Original Title: Parvaze  Ghasedak
Production Company: Tasviri Shahr INS.
Production Year: 2013
Director: Iraj Mohammadi Razini
Script: : Iraj Mohammadi Razini
Cinematography:Hassan Aslani
Editor: Mojtaba Esmaeil Zadeh
Music Composer: Masoud Sekhavat Doost
Producer: Mohammad Afaride
Running Time: 13min
Country: Iran
Language: no dialogue
Main Cast: Mohammad Habibian

In a lush land there is a man dancing in a red dress. In a big city there is a man wearing a yellow dress and carrying a wooden window. In another city there is a painter that...
Director’s Biography  
Razini was born in1972 in Kamyaran. He started his artistic activities in the Intellectual Development Center of Children and Adolescents at the age of 12 and entered the art class at the Shahid Rajaiee University in Tehran at the age of 15.
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