Life is Waiting: Referendum and Resistance in Western Sahara

Original Title: Life is Waiting: Referendum and Resistance in Western Sahara
Western Sahara, Spain, USA / 2015 / 59 min
Director: Iara Lee
Producer: Iara Lee
Production Company: Caipirinha Productions
Cinematography: Yeray Martin Perdomo, Eduardo Souto Fraguas
Scriptwriter: not applicable
Editor: Martin Eller
Music Composer: Mariem Hassan
Language: Hassaniya Arabic, Spanish, English, French
Main Cast:
Premier: Kurdistan Premiere

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Original Title: Blanco
Dominican Republic, 2014, 62 minutes
Director: Melvin Duran
Producer: Ricky Gluski
Production Company: R+R producctions, Kinestecia, Lone Coconut
Cinematography: Gabriel Valencia
Scriptwriter:  Melvin Duran
Editor: Israel Cardenas
Music Composer: Agustin Pinales
Language:  Spanish
Main Cast: Yanibel Victoriano, Ariel Díaz, Anabelkis Díaz, Justa Pinales, Agustín Pinales (Cherry.com), Dinora Delgado
Premier:  Middle East

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The Presence of God in a Falsely Installed Contemporary

Original Title: Die Präsenz Gottes in einer falsch eingerichteten Gegenwart
Production Company: -
Production Year: 2014
Director: Peter Ott
Script: Peter Ott
Cinematography: Bernd Schoch, Peter Ott
Editor: Peter Ott
Music Composer: Finn Mück, Peter Ott
Producer: Peter Ott
Running Time: 76min
Country: Germany
Language: Arabic, English, German
Main Cast: Rami Hassan, Mohamad Kawtharani, Resalaat Sayyed Jafaar, Ghassan Rimlawi, Lina Zahwi, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein, Fadlallah Hassan, Waad Rebuild Sheikh, Shafiq Jaradi, Mahmoud Youness
World Premiere

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