Original Title: La Lampe au beurre de Yak
Production Company: AMA Productions
Production Year: 2013
Director: Hu Wei
Script: Hu Wei
Cinematography: Jean Legrand, Ste?phane Degnieau
Editor: Hu Wei
Producer: Julien Féret
Running Time: 15 min
Country: France, China
Language: Tibetan
Main Cast: Genden Punstok 


A young itinerant photographer and his assistant suggest to Tibetan nomads to photograph them in front of various backgrounds. 

Director’s Biography

Hu Wei, born in Beijing in 1983, lives and works between Beijing and Paris as filmmaker and visual artist. He followed several art classes in these arts, e.g. at La Femis in Paris and Le Fresnoy. 


2013 La lampe au beurre de yak
2012 Le proprie?taire
2009 Sans toi