Original Title: City Exiles
Production Year: 2012
Director: Emrah Çam
Script: Emrah Çam
Cinematography: Emrah Çam
Editor: Emrah Çam
Music Composer: Kashiwa Daisuke
Producer: Emrah Çam
Running Time: 4min
Country: Turkey
Language: no Dialogue


Istanbul neighbourhoods, bequeathed by generations of born-and-bred residents are the latest scene of urban renewal. Situated alongside the colourful shop windows and streets of Tarlabaş? are derelict places that no one wants to see...

Director’s Biography

Çam, born in Sivas in 1985, studied Radio, Cinema and TV at the Mersin University. In 2010, he did the EU Youth Exchange Program in Metz, France.


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