Original Title:  La Strada Di Raffael
Production Company:  Grup Cinema Art
Production Year: 2013
Director: Alessandro Falco
Script: Alessandro Falco
Cinematography: Juan Meseguer
Editor: Alessandro Falco
Music Composer: Arvo Part
Producer: Giusi Castaldo  
Running Time: 24min
Country: Spain, Italy 
Language: Italian
Main Cast: Raffael Essobti, Adama Doumbia, Anna Capasso  


Raffael is a 13-year-old boy who lives in the suburbs of Naples and sells cigarettes in a street corner with his friend Adama. They are rehearsing to play music at the village’s festival. Meanwhile, police and demonstrators have been struggling for days after the Mayor's decision to evict a compound of apartments.

Director’s Biography

Born in Naples, Italy. After a degree in International Relations he completed his cinematographic formation at the C.E.C.C. Barcelona. Falco now works as a director.

2013 La strada di Raffael
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