Original Title: La Fugue
Production Company: Les Films de la Croisade
Production Year: 2013
Director: Jean-Bernard Marlin
Script: Jean-Bernard Marlin
Cinematography: Julien Poupard
Editor: Nicolas Desmaison
Producer: Valentine de Blignières
Running Time: 22min
Country: France
Language: French
Main Cast: Adel Bencherif, Médina Yalaoui


Lakdar, a youth worker in a home for juvenile offenders in Marseille, has to take Sabrina, who is one of his culprits, to court. Their journey through suburbia is an excursion into another world.
Director’s Biography
Born in 1979, Marlin grew up in Marseille, then moved to Paris where he studied film at the Ecole Louis Lumière and the FEMIS. He is currently writing his first feature film. 


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