Original Title: Cheong
Production Company:  Korea National University of Arts
Production Year: 2013
Director: Kim Jung-in
Script: Kim Jung-in Cinematography: Ha Hye-jung Editor: Kang Sun-hyung
Music Composer:
Producer: Lee Hyun-bin
Running Time: 18min
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean Main Cast: Seo Da-in, Koo Ja-seung, Park Seo-hyun  

Hong lives with her blind father. Every morning he accompanies her with his white stick to school. This is not easy for Hong, because the other kids make fun of her dad. Only when a new school mate with a strange accent arrives she realises it can be fun to be different from the crowd.

Director’s Biography
Kim Jung-in, born in Korea in 1982, graduated from the Korean National University of Arts. Cheong is his third film and was in the official selection of the 63rd Berlinale. 

2013 Cheong 
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2009 Sweet Dream