Original Title: Matka
Production Company: Gdynia Film School
Production Year: 2013
Director: Lukasz Ostalski
Script: Lukasz Ostalski
Cinematography: Slawomir Witek
Editor: Lukasz Ostalski
Producer: Leszek Kopec, Jerzy Rados
Running Time: 30min
Country: Poland
Language: Polish
Main Cast: Danuta Stenka, Magdalena Czerwinska, Rafał Fudalej, Paulina Szostak


Malgorzata, an important politician, finds her son, who is a drug addict, next to the massacred body of a young girl. He needs her help and she has to make the most difficult decision in her life.

Director’s Biography

Ostalski, born in Poland, graduated in Political Science and was a student of the WFH Sopot Schools of Photography. In 2012, he graduated from the Directing Faculty at Gdynia Film School.


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