Original Title: 48hours
English Title: 48hours
Production Company: Haider Jumaah Assi
Production Year: 2013
Director: Haider Jumaah Assi
Script: Haider Jumaah Assi
Cinematography: Ali Mohammed Jassim
Editor: Ali Mohammed Jassim
Music Composer: Tworath Nameer
Producer: Haider Jumaah Assi
Running Time: 17min
Country: Iraq
Language: Arabic
Main Cast: Ahmed Salahuddin , Abduljaleel Moneka, Samer Disher


In 2007 a high number of innocent people were murdered in Iraq. The film narrates the story of a young Iraqi citizen, and how he was threatened to leave within 48 hours or else his family would be killed. 

Director’s Biography  

Assi graduated in Fine Arts and now works as a scriptwriter, director and actor.