Original Title: Wakolda
Production Company: Historias Cinematograficas
Production Year: 2013
Director: Lucía Puenzo
Script: Lucía Puenzo
Cinematography: Nicolas Puenzo
Editor: Hugo Primero
Producer: Luis Puenzo
Running Time: 94min
Country: Argentina, France, Spain, Norway
Language: Spanish, German
Main Cast: Alex Brendemuhl, Natalia Oreiro, Diego Peretti, Elena Roge

Patagonia in 1960. A German physician meets an Argentinian family and follows them to Bariloche where they are going to open a lodging house. Unaware of his true identity, the family accepts the physician as their first guest. They are all gradually won over by this charismatic man, his elegant manners and scientific knowledge, until they discover they are living with one of the biggest criminals of all times. 

Director’s Biography 
Born in Buenos Aires in 1976. Studied Literature, Cinema and Theater and published three novels. Directed several films and TV series while writing a Ph.D and creating literary workshops with Gabriel García Marquez.  


2013 Wakolda
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