Original Title: Romanistanbul

Production Company: Sarmasik Sanatla

Production year: 2012

Director: Ozgür Akgül

Script: Özgür Akgül

Cinematography: Ulaş Zeybek

Editor: Turkuarts

Music Composer: Various

Producer: Özgür Akgül, Baran Seyhan

Running Time: 60min

Country: Turkey

Language: Turkish

Main Cast: Ismail Tuncbilek, Husnu Senlendirici, Goksun Cavdar, Orhan Salliel



Romanistanbul is about Roma musicians in the music market of Istanbul. It shows how musicians are the spectacular figures in the struggle against Roma discrimination and how Roma music is linked to Turkey historically as well as Istanbul’s cultural authenticity. It further portrays the important position Roma musicians gained in the music market after the expanding of the recording industry in the 1960s, and how this caused dramatic changes in their life conditions and social acceptance.


Director’s Biography

Born in 1978 in Istanbul. Akgül studied film music and sound design at the Filmakademie Baden Wuerttemberg-Germany. His MA thesis about Roma musicians was published in 2008. Next to his work as a director, he is the composer of several film productions, most notably DOL which was screened at the Berlinale 2007.



2012 Romanistanbul