Original Title: Poslednata lineika na Sofia

Production Company: Sutor Kolonko, Nukleus Film, SIA

Production year: 2012

Director: Ilian Metev

Cinematography: Ilian Metev

Editor: Ilian Metev, Betina Ip

Music Composer:

Producer: Dimitar Gotchev, Sinisa Juricic, Ingmar Trost, Ilian Metev

Running Time: 75min

Country: Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia

Language: Bulgarian

Main Cast: Krassimir Yordanov, Mila Mikhailova, Plamen Slavkov



In a city where 13 ambulances struggle to serve 2 million people, Krassi, Mila and Plamen are our unlikely heroes: chain-smoking, filled with humour and relentlessly saving lives against all odds. Yet, the strain of a broken system is taking its toll. How long can they keep on fixing the society’s injured until they loose their empathy?


Director’s Biography 

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1981. He studied Fine Art in London, followed by an MA in documentary direction at the National Film and Television School. His graduation film was screened at over 60 festivals and received 17 awards. This is his first feature film.



Last four titles with year


2012 Sofia’s Last Ambulance

2008 Goleshovo