Original Title: Manqana, Romelic Kvelafers Gaaqrobs

Production Company: Alethea and TTFilm

Production year: 2012

Director: Tinatin Gurchiani

Script: Tinatin Gurchiani

Cinematography: Andreas Bergmann

Editor: Nari Kim

Music Composer: Mahan Mobahery, Marian Mentrup

Producer: Tamar Gurchiani

Running Time: 101min

Country: Georgia, Germany

Language: Georgian

Main Cast:



Georgia 2011. A film director announces a casting for people aged 15-23. This search brings her to different villages and cities, where some are interested in becoming part of a film, others are ready to share their sentimental stories or simply seek the strength to carry out their major resolutions. All are united in the poetry of searching. The film shows how beautiful life can be and how difficult when you dream of becoming a hero.


Director’s Biography

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia. Studied painting, dance and psychology before studying Film and TV Director at the Film & Television University Konrad Wolf, Germany. Diploma with Honors in 2010. Winner of DAAD Award 2007 for Artistic and Social Engagement in Film.



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