Original Title: MICHAEL H. profession: director

Production Company: Wildart Film, Crescendo Film, Les Films du Losange

Production year: 2013

Director: Yves Montmayeur

Script: Yves Montmayeur

Cinematography: Yves Montmayeur, Attila Boa

Editor: Oliver Neumann

Producer: Vincent lucassen, Ebba Sinzinger, Serge Guez

Running Time: 90min

Country: Austria, France

Language: German, French

Main Cast: Juliette Binoche, Béatrice Dalle, Michael


Only rarely has one come as close to the person and artist who is Haneke, as one comes whilst watching this documentary from Montmayeur. Rarely has one understood so well how this man and his vision have established themselves as groundbreaking and exemplary in the international world of film. Haneke's wisdom, humanity, and unbending will to keep the eyes of his ever-growing audience open have secured him a place in the cinema-Olympus.


Director’s Biography

Montmayeur has made many documentaries with a focus on contemporary Asian cinema, and eccentric filmmakers. He works regularly for the ARTE TV program Tracks on the subject of cinema, music and visual arts and moderates press conferences at the Cannes Film Festival.



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