Original Title: Following the Peacock
Production Company: Eszter Spät Production Company
Production Year: 2013
Director: Eszter Spät
Script: Eszter Spät
Cameraman: Wassfi H. Sulaiman
Editor: Eszter Spät and Gloria Oh
Producer: Eszter Spät
Running Time: 52min
Country: Hungary and the Kurdish Region of Iraq
Language: English

This anthropological documentary introduces the Yazidis, a little-known religious minority of Northern Iraq. It follows the tour of their most sacred object, the Standard of the Peacock, through the settlements of Sinjar Mountain, where the traditional way of life and customs are undergoing a fast change due to the political, economical and social shifts of the last decades. 

Director’s Biography

Eszter Spät is a Hungarian academic who is researching the religious and social structure of the Yazidis, a Kurdish religious minority. She has been doing field research in the Iraqi Kurdish Region since 2002.  


2013 Following the Peacock