Original Title: Sign of a Shame

Production Company: Wireless Production

Production year: 2012

Director: Khaled Hasan

Script: Khaled Hasan

Cinematography: Bappy (Khaled Hasan)

Editor: Khaled Hasan

Music Composer: -

Producer: Pai Nai

Running Time: 65min

Country: Bangladesh

Language: English and Bangla



“Birangona” means brave woman. That’s the title given to the thousands of women who were raped by the Pakistani army during the war in Bangladesh. Their family disowned many of them; others migrated to India to give birth, while many committed suicide or where murdered by the Pakistani forces. Those who survived bore the scars of the horrendous ordeal, both physical and psychological. Their suffering, both during and after the war remains unrecorded and unrecognized.


Director’s Biography

Born in 1981 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Works as a filmmaker and photographer. His work has been published and exhibited worldwide. Currently Hasan is an artist in residency at the Samdani Art Foundation in Bangladesh.



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