Original Title: Naive
Production Company: Kingman Media Company
Production Year: 2012
Director: Kingman Choi
Script: Kingman Choi
Cinematography: Kingman Choi
Editor: Kingman Choi
Music Composer: Janice Chan
Producer: Kingman Choi
Running Time: 82min
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Main Cast: Chan Lai Wun, Leslie Ho

Fighting disabilities and cancer, mother and son have been living together in an old tenement building in To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong, as they cannot be placed in a nursing home due to insufficient places. In 2011, after the Government announces the $6,000 plan, Nic hopes that he might get enough money for his mother to consult a doctor. Meanwhile his mother is making preparation for her son to live independently and trying to prove that he is really “not an idiot”. 

Director’s Biography 

Kingman Choi studied filmmaking at the University of Miami. He returned to Hong Kong after graduation and started his career in video production. Naïve is his second feature film.


2012 Naïve 
2010 Roomless 
2006 Children At War