Original Title: Zhazhda
Production Company:  CJSC Russian World Studios
Production Year: 2013
Director: Dmitri Tuyrin
Script:  Andrei Gelasimov
Cinematography:  Mark Ziselson
Editor:  Ekaterina Pivneva
Music Composer:  Tomash Dvorzhak
Producer:  Yuri Sapronov
Running Time:  102min
Country:  Russia
Language:  Russian
Main Cast:  Mikhail Grubov, Sergey Lavygin, Roman Kurtsyn, Anna Banshikova

Kostya’s life is broken in two pieces: before and after the war in Chechnya. He lives in seclusion and nothing binds him with the outer world. In the first Chechen campaign his face was seriously burned and his heart broken. He is still in touch with his veteran comrades, but one day one of the guys suddenly vanishes and problems start to arise…

Director’s Biography  
Born 1976 in the Chelyabinsk region, Tuyrin was first educated as mining engineer in the oil fields of Western Siberia. After his army service he entered the St. Petersburg University and finished Film Directing in Vladimir Bortko’s and Ali Khamrayev’s class.  


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