Original Title: Saroyan Ülkesi
Production Company: Nar Film
Production Year: 2013
Director: Lusin Dink
Script: Lusin Dink
Cinematography: Thomas Mauch, Emre Başaran
Editor: Eytan ?peker, Ali Aga, Umut Sakall?o?lu
Producer: Soner Alper, Lusin Dink
Running Time: 72min
Country: Turkey, Armenia
Language: Armenian, English, Turkish
Main Cast: Ali Bayramo?lu, Artur Norikyan, Kevork Malikyan, Sevinç Erol


By making use of memoirs, short stories and the accounts of travelling companions this docu-drama road movie focusses on the journey of the famous writer William Saroyan to the birthplace of his Armenian family in Bitlis, Turkey, in 1964. While retaking the same road, the film aims to understand Saroyan's unique attitude to belonging, witnessing the self-discovery of a man who followed the traces of his Armenian ancestors.

Director’s Biography (261 cws)

Dink graduated from the Department of Cinema/TV at the Istanbul Bilgi University. After that she was Tomris Giritlioglu’s assistant and has since then worked as assistant director in over 15 international productions. SaroyanLand is her first feature film.


2013 SaroyanLand 
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