Original Title: Xico Stockinger
Production Company: Pironauta Produtora
Production Year: 2012
Director: Frederico Mendina
Script: Frederico Mendina
Cinematography: Eduardo N. Rosa
Editor: Filipe Barros
Music Composer: New
Producer: Frederico Mendina
Running Time: 86min
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Main Cast: Xico Stockinger, José Francisco Alves, Paulo Herkenhoff

A unique portrait of Austrian born plastic artist Xico Stockinger (1919-2009). Through his own voice, we discover the life of a creatively ambitious artist, who wanted to be an airplane pilot, but became one of the greatest sculptors of his generation, crafting his art with innovative methods.

Director’s Biography

Born in Porto Alegre city in 1973. He has been a self-taught movie director since 2007. Mendina is Pironauta’s partner – a film production company focused on feature films projects. Xico Stockingeris its debut.    

2012 Xico Stockinger