Original Title: Les Béritans
Production Company: Couleur Films
Director: Kudret Gunes
Script: Kudret Gunes
Cinematography: Jean Marie Boulet
Editor: Luc Forveille
Music Composer: Dilovan
Producer: Jean Marie Boulet
Running Time: 66 min
Country:  France
Language: Turkish, French, Kurdish

In 1980 war breaks out between the Turkish army and the PKK, the Labour Party in Kurdistan. The Kurdish combatants find refuge in the Bingöl Mountains to fight the Turkish army. Consequently the nomadic people who lived there were expelled and are forced to leave. When war ends, the nomads start transhumance again, and continue to live in ancient traditions, but the woman nomads are still affected by war and their status is fragile.


Director’s Biography
Kudret Gunes was born in Turkey. After studying journalism and social education in Ankara, she studied directing and editing in France. She also studied cinema at new Sorbonne Yilmaz Güney Cinema Academy, then she wrote screenplays and made documentaries and short films. Since 1999, she has directed several short films and documentaries including "Leyla Zana, the cry beyond the choked voice". This film has won several awards: Jury Prize young Olivier Award in Quémener FIGRA (Festival International Grand Reportage topical) Le Touquet 2003. Young Jury Award at the International Film Festival of Asian Vesoul 2004. It has been shown in many international film festivals.

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