Original Title: Kwistani sipy
English Title: White Mountain
Director: Taha Karaimi
Script: Taha karimi
Cinematography: Kaywan yousefi
Editor: Mihamadreza Watandost
Music Composer:  Fardin Khalatbary
Producer: Taha Karimi & Kamal Jalal Qader
Running Time:  30 min
Country: Kurdistan Iran
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Muhamadsalih Zahedi – Ali Majidzade
Year: 2009


Faqi Ibrahim was still young when the first political party found in the mountains which are near to the border of three countries Iran, Iraq and Turkey. Then another (15) political parties were found during the (50) passed years. Each party has its dream to achieve happiness for the people, but those parties have no time to negotiate and listen to the others, just Faqi Ibrahim has time to listen to all. Faqi Ibrahim was a tea maker of one of those parties, and during the civil war between the political parties in Kurdistan Faqi Ibrahim was exchanging  the corpses of killed between the parties on the back of his horse. Faqi Ibrahim is the hunter of these mountains.


Director’s Biography 
Born in Baneh, in the Iranian side of Kurdistan in 1976, Taha Karimi graduated in filmmaking from Tehran University of Arts, Faculty of Cinema and Theater and he is presently a grad student of Arts Research in MA .
Taha Karimi has so far participated in a number of accredited internal and international film festivals bagging totally 20 awards. His White Mountains won him the Best Narrative Award in Tehran’s 23rd Short Film Festival. He was also nominated for Best Director Crystal Phoenix for directing The White Mountains in the 24th Int’l Fadjr Film Festival, best award  for qandil Mountain in Digital International film festival India, best award for script in Ourenc  film festival of Spanish , best documentary for “I am with mercenary “ International film festival cinema – Haghighat  Iran , Third Prize for I am white mercenary in Gulf film festival and …

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