Original Title: Parkoneeta
Production Company: Ministry of Culture and Youth & M Studio Production
Production Year: 2013
Director: Frank Gilbert
Script: Frank Gilbert
Cinematography: Bansh Murathanoglu
Editor: Shabo M Shabo
Producer: Shabo M Shabo
Running Time: 85min
Country: Iraq
Language: Assyrian
Main Cast: Warda Sliwa, Nohara Talia, Orahim Lazar, Jacklin Sargon 


A Christian worker succeeds to flee from the terrorist killings in Mosul with the help of a Kurdish neighbour. When he arrives at the village of his Christian friend new difficulties occur. The movie deals with the commitment and loyalty Assyrians have for their nation. It touches problems of migration, youth, marriage and honesty.

Director’s Biography
Gilbert, born in Kirkuk in 1981 from a Christian family, finished at the Institute of Fine Arts, was the director in Al Iraqia TV and worked for other TV stations.  He left Iraq together with his family and is now in Turkey waiting for a Visa to the U.S.

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