Original Title: Denge Camêda
Production Year: 2012
Director: Nursel Doğan
Script: Nursel Doğan
Cinematography: Vedat Özdemir
Editor: Aliya Düşünmez
Music Composer: Mübin Dünen
Producer: Nursel Doğan
Running Time: 19min
Country: Turkey
Language: Kurdish, Turkish
Main Cast: Nihal Yalçın, Alişan Ünlü

Gülizar had to move from her small village to the big city. She only speaks her native language Kurdish. Everything is very different for her in the big metropolis Istanbul. She has to face a lot of challenges including speaking with a doctor, which is one of the most basic rights.
Director’s Biography 
Doğan, born in Sivas, studied at the Trakya University. He made documentary, fiction and educational films, worked as assistant director in many films, series, shorts and documentaries as well as actor in various short films. 

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2010 Me Inside Me
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