Original Title: Bêdengiya Mirinê
Production Company: Mersin University Communication Faculty
Production Year:2013
Director: Şerif Polat, Engin Çeçen
Script: Şerif Polat, Engin Çeçen
Cinematography: Arzu Görgülü
Editor: Arzu Görgülü
Music Composer: Ciwan Haco, Dengbêj Şeroyê Biro
Producer: Şerif Polat
Running Time: 11min
Country: Turkey
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Zeynep Yılmaz, İsmail Çakmak, Nuri Alıkan

Mother Sakine's son Murat has disappeared since the 90's when he became a victim of unidentified murders. All she wants is that her son has a grave.
Director’s Biography
Born in Siirt in 1990, started studying at the Mersin University in the Radio, Television and Cinema section in 2010 and is currently a student in the 4th year. 
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