Original Title: One Way Or Another
Production Year: 2013
Director: Naz Salih
Script: Naz Salih
Cinematography: William H.W. Read
Editor: Awat Osman Ali
Music Composer: Bland Mahdi
Producer: Salar Said, Awat Osman Ali
Running Time: 12min
Country: UK
Language: English, Kurdish
Main Cast: Anwar Rashy Awlla, Aslam Husain

Ari is a 50-year-old Kurdish writer who lives in London and who left behind his wife and son in the middle of the war. He is in the middle of writing his novelette One Way Or Another, but hesitant and nervous, writing and deleting most of the events that happened in his past life.
Director’s Biography  
Salih holds a M.A. in Filmmaking from the Essex University and a B.A. in Cinema Acting at the University of Salahaddin.. He is the founder and member of the Theatre of Wind.
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