Original Title: Qurban
Production Company: Navenda Çenda Hunera Maxmur
Production Year: 2013
Director: Serbest Demir
Script: Serbest Demir
Cinematography: Adnan Goyan
Editor: Guhdar  Yuksek
Music Composer: Argeş Lor
Producer: Semyan Alturk
Running Time:  13min
Country: KRG
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Warşin Ozek, Remezan Ozek, Gule Ozek

This short film is about the daily slaughtering of young people in front of kids’ eyes in the name of society.
Director’s Biography 
Demir born in Slupi in 1989, was ten years old when he first particpated in a play. He graduated from the Kurdish School of Cinema at the Salahadin University.
2013 Victim