Original Title: Xal û Xarzê 
Production Company: Yapım13 Film Production
Production Year: 2013 
Director: Zekeriya Aydoğan  
Script: Zekeriya Aydoğan  
Cinematography: Semih Yıldız
Editor: Erhan Örs, Mehmet Dalmaz
Music Composer: Mehmüd Berazi
Producer: Meral Balık
Running Time: 18min
Country: Turkey
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Nazmi Kırık, Kemal Orgun, Kemal Ulusoy, Gülşen Turan

An uncle and his newphew shoot at each other and their relatives take them to the hospital in seperate cars. While the people in the car argue about the uncle and his newphew’s willpower, everything changes when the uncle dies.
Director’s Biography 
Aydoğan, born in Diyabakır in 1978, graduated from the department of education at the Dicle University and has been a coordinator at the Mesopotamia Cinema Workshop for two years.
2013 Uncle and Nephew