Original Title: Froka
Production Company: Directorate of Cinema – Duhok
Production Year: 2013
Director: Bewar A. Bidakh
Script: Bewar A. Bidakh
Cinematography: Havrang Barakat
Editor: Aram Mohammad
Music Composer: Nizamattin Aric
Running Time: 5min
Country: KRG
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Kamiran Betasi , Sherwan Jamil ,  Rekesh Shehbaz , Birhat Hussein

The film tells the story of a doctor’s humanity, who is taking care of his patients while his own son is about to die.
Director’s Biography 
Bidakh, born in Duhok in 1982, graduated from Duhok Fine Arts Institute in 2007. He is now studying at the College of Arts, Theater Department.  
2013 Froka