Original Title: La Dayk Booni  Yak Gorg
Production Company: Zanyar Azizi
Production Year: 2012
Director: Zanyar Azizi
Script: Zanyar Azizi
Cinematography: Alireza Moradi
Editor: Shabnam Hossaini
Music Composer: Agry Zhyan
Producer: Zanyar Azizi
Running Time: 21min
Country: Iran
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Zanyar Azizi

The soldier Majid sees things in a different way, so he ultimately decides to help the people in his area.

Director’s Biography 
Azizi holds a diploma in theater from the Azad Institute in Iran and a diploma in Acting and Photography. He completed a course for directing films at the Master Masoud Kimiaie Institute and made ten films, which he prepared, wrote and produced.

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