Original Title : Klaket
Production Company: Kolij
Production Year: 2013
Director: Darya Koye
Script: Darya Koye-Himn-Bashe Cinama
Cinematography: Usman Ahmad Amen
Editor: Yahya Raza
Music: Jegae, Intarnashnal 
Producer: Kolij
Running Time: 10min
Country: Kurdistan 
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Himn Faruq, Ahmad Target, Bzhar Suhaebi, Muhamad Sherwane

The college of Fine Arts consist of several departments, and each year the students show their work. This film portrays the Cinema department, and the young actors and directors that are educated here. It reveals all the difficulties they faced with their work, but how they nevertheless persist on making excellent films. 
Director’s Biography 
Hamadan, also known as Darya Koye was born in Koya in 1979. She studied Dramatic Arts and Cinema Directing at the Institute of Fine Arts in Hawler. She is the director of many short films such as Dange Moseqa la Hamam and Mndalane Wlate Parchabw