Original Title: Goodbye Cinema
Production Year: 2013
Director: Abdulkhaliq Jawda Omer
Script: Abdulkhaliq Jawda Omer
Cinematography: Abdulkhaliq Jawda Omer
Editor: Shabo Shabo
Music Composer: selected
Producer: Shakhawan Idress
Running Time: 25min
Country: Kurdistan
Language: Arabic, Kurdish

After the fall of the Iraqi government, the cinema theaters all over Iraq were turned into stores and car parks. Now, 20 years later, the new Iraqi generation has no idea what it is like to watch films in cinema, and the new government doesn’t do anything about this. 
Director’s Biography  
Omer, born in Erbil 1975, has been a member of the cinema club in Erbil since 1991. He participated as actor in TV dramas and also worked as a director in Harem TV.
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