Original Title: Asê
Production Company: Cegerxwîn Sînema Academy
Production Year: 2013
Director: Ercan Orhan
Script: Ercan Orhan
Cinematography: Veysel Birsin, Eshan Shakar
Editor: Ercan Orhan
Music Composer: Koray Kavuncu
Producer:  Ercan Orhan
Running Time: 44min
Country: Turkey
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Asê Alokmen, Meta Delalê, Feratê Dengizî

83-year-old Asê had a son who was a PKK guerilla and got killed years ago. Her village was destroyed by the Turkish government. She visits the grave and the village each summer, but stays alone with her memory.
Director’s Biography
Born in Mardin, Turkey, in 1982. He is a teacher in Diyarbakır Turkey.
2013 Asê