Original Title: Lokroep
Production Company: NFA
Production Year: 2013
Director: Reber Dosky
Script: Reber Dosky
Cinematography: Stephan Polman
Editor: Jordi Beukers
Music Composer: Wouter van Bemmel
Producer: Steven Rubinstein Malamud, Vera Frohn
Running Time: 25min
Country: The Netherlands
Language: Kurdish, Turkish
Main Cast: Habib Aydin, Ramazan Aydin

25 years ago, Habib and his family were forced to leave their homeland and fled to Istanbul, 1600 km away. But Habib moved back, married again and had four more children. He now lives with his new family in his beloved village, but still longs for his children in Istanbul.
Director’s Biography 
14 years ago Reber came from Kurdistan to the Netherlands. After an education as social worker and two years of work experience, he attended the Dutch Film Academy. In 2012 Reber started his own production company Adarfilm.
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