Original Title: Face Look
Production Company: Asia Film
Productio Year: 2012
Director: Hiwa Soofiya
Script: Hiwa Soofiya
Cinematography: Mohammad Nouri, Hiwa Soofiya
Editor: Shoresh Soofiya
Music Composer: Selective
Producer: Hiwa Soofiya
Running Time: 20min
Country: Iran
Language: Kurdish

A documentary about Sanandaj city, one of the most famous places for having picnics on Fridays. Although it has nothing of touristic interest, the Salwatawa road has different functions for different people. For the parents it is a low cost place to visit, for the boys it is a place to show new cars and for the girls it is a place to discover new fashions.
Director’s Biography  
Soofiya, born in Kermashan in 1974. He studied agriculture and later anthropology. He has made ten short films and has won different awards.
2010 Voice of a Man
2006 One Calendar One Tribe
2004 Bread and Smile
2003 Secrets