Original Title: Lêreya Şaroçkeyek Hebû
Production Company: Directorate of Cinema Slemani
Production Year: 2013
Director: Sarwar Muhamad Amin
Cinematography: Sarwar Muhamad Amin
Editor: Nirwan Taha
Music Composer: Tara Jaff, Fardin Lahwpur
Producer: Kamaran Nwri
Running Time: 17min
Country: Iraq
Language: Kurdish, Arabic, English, Turkish

The documentary is about Hasankeyf, a small town on the river Tigris in southeastern Turkey, its very different 3000 inhabitants and its very diverse historical places.
Director’s Biography
Amin, born in 1973 in Slemani, has worked in Sport TV, Kurdsat TV and is now employed by the Ministry of Culture in Slemani as director and DoP.
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