Original Title: Hîway pişt firmêskekan
Production Company: Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs
Production Year: 2013
Director: Ako Sirini
Script: Ako Sirini
Cinematography: Wefa Mela Rahim
Editor: Nerwan Taha
Music Composer: Ako Aziz Inayet
Running Time: 25min
Country: Kurdistan
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: the victims of Halabja Chemical Attack 

March 1988, the Ba’ath-Regime attacks the city Halabja with chemical weapons. The attack was part of a bigger plan to murder the Kurds. After 25 years the victims can still not hide their tears. This film tells the story of these victims and seeks to portray how the attack actually happened, but also to find out if it is nevertheless possible to discover some hope amongst the people of Halabja.  
Director’s Biography 
Sirini, born in Slemani in 1973, has a European Master of Media Arts, with a focus in script writing and film directing. Also, he was the Director of Slemani Cinema Directorate and worked as project leader at the Media West Foundation.
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