Original Title: Firokewan
Production Year: 2013
Director: Bilal Shakr
Script: Rekar Mzoiri
Cinematography: Hawkar Farhad
Editor: Bilal Shakr
Producer: Rekar Mzoiri
Running Time: 23min
Country: Iraq
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Meghdad Taha, Maryam Darvesh

Documentary about a young man, who is a survivor of Saddam’s Genocide and who dreams of becoming an aviator. He makes a helicopter as a symbol of peace.   
Director’s Biography  
Born in 1973 in Iraq. Shakr has made several short and documentary films and is the writer of many screenplays. He has received numerous awards for his films.
2013 Nobody is Here
2012 Up and Dawn
2010 Unheard Sounds
2003 The Flower of Clover