Original Title: Misafir
Production Company: Ajans Ba
Production Year: 2013
Director: Haydar Demirtaş
Script: Haydar Demirtaş
Cinematography: Pınar Demiral
Editor: Yusuf Kurt
Music Composer: Bahram Deyjour, Mehdi Gholami, Serdar Yüce
Producer: Yusuf Kurt, Haydar Demirtaş
Running Time: 30min
Country: Turkey
Language: Kurdish, Turkish, Arabic, Syriac
Main Cast: Circis Kaplan

In the 1920s a woman has to travel to Syria with her three children, but is forced to leave her youngest son, Bahe, in the Deyrulzafaran Monastery. For the rest of his life, Bahe waits for her return. 
Director’s Biography
Born in Mardin in 1984. Demirtaş attended the BBC Cinema Workshop organized by the Mardin Youth and Culture House, and the Kent Film Evleri Workshop organized by İstanbul Kültür University in 2006.
2013 The Guest
2010 My Father Is Making History
2008 Itinerant Smith