Original Title: Fecira
Production Company: Anormalfilm
Production Year: 2013
Director: Piran Baydemir
Script: Zerya Roni
Cinematography: Piran Baydemir
Editor: Reshat Ayaz
Music Composer: Nizamettin Aric
Producer: Deniz Aydin
Running Time: 40min
Country: Turkey
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Besna, Devrim, Melek

Fecira means ‘first light of the day’ in Kurmanci and is used as a woman’s name. The documentary has its title in respect to the power of women creating life similarly to the sun. It aims to show the pain that happened in Dersim in 1938, and it is not only about bad memories, but also about the hardship and solitude family members face when they live apart.
Director’s Biography 
Baydemir, born in Diyarbakır in 1984, joined the Diyarbakır Cinema Club in 2007. He participated in workshops there and was accepted as a student at the Conservatoire of Cegerxwin in the Cinema Department in 2010.
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