Original Title: Qiblenameya Dêya Min 
Production Year: 2012
Director:  Hatice Kamer 
Cinematography: Hatice Kamer
Editor:  Hatice Kamer
Producer: Hatice Kamer
Running Time:  55min
Country:  Turkey 
Language: Kurdish

Emin is a young Kurdish musician who went as a refugee in Norway and can't go to Turkey, because he’s not allowed. So his mother goes to Norway to see him. The country, very different in culture and geography, is strange to the mother. But the thing that surprises her most is her compass, which doesn't show the right direction of Qibla.
Director’s Biography 
Kamer, born in Diyarbakir, studied history at the university and has been a presenter of news and cultural programmes on various TV channels for more than ten years. She is now working as a correspondent for Radio Voice of America in Diyarbakir.
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